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Step 1: Select the Width
Bimini Width Measurement

The width of your bimini is the most critical measurement. This measurement is NOT the "beam" or boat width, it is the width where the bimini will mount to the side rails. Width selections come in 12" ranges, and the frame can flex a few inches out or in to accomodate your boat.

Bimini Tops

Bimini Replacement Tops

Bimini top frames have a better chance of outlasting their canvases, so instead of paying for another entire bimini kit we save you money by offering replacement canvases. Our tops are created from a 600 Denier polyester material that is exceptionally waterproof and will protect against sea-spray and sporadic rain storms. The replacement tops also offer a UV protection rating of 5.0 (exceeding industry standards.)

Please Note: These replacement tops are only guaranteed to fit Budge bimini frames. The frame itself, along with any hardware or rear poles, is NOT included with our bimini replacement tops.

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Why Do I Need A Bimini Top?

Looking to take your boat out on the water? Enjoy, but look out for the sun. When you’re on the water, you’re exposed to more than UV-radiation than normal because UV rays can reflect off the water and the surface of fiberglass boats.

One great way to stay out of the sun while enjoying the water is by installing a bimini top to your boat. A bimini top or boat top is an umbrella-like fabric top stretched over a lightweight metal frame that can be mounted to your boat. Frames can usually be collapsed or pulled back when not in use or raised again if you need shade or shelter from the rain.

What Type Of Bimini Top Do I Need?

The key factor to use when determining what type of Bimini Top to purchase will be the width of your boat (don’t use beam width, measure the distance between rail mounting points) and the amount of space you’d like to cover.

Use a 2 Bow Bimini for up to 5’ of coverage, a 3 Bow Bimini for up to 6’ of coverage or a 4 Bow Bimini for up to 8’.

When considering bimini top material look for durable materials that are exceptionally waterproof, enough to protect against sea-spray and sporadic rain storms. You should also look for a UV protection rating of 5.0 or higher.