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Premium Waterproof Covers with Corrode Blok™ Technology
  • Corrode Blok™ Active Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Technology reduces rust and corrosion, extending the life of your Vehicle.
  • Microporous membrane technology provides 100% waterproof protection and enhanced breathability to prevent trapped moisture.
  • 3 Layer material is strong, durable and lightweight for ease of use and long lasting durability.
  • PVC free UV protected material remains flexible in the coldest environments and is fade resistant.
100% Proteciton From Water and Rust
Made in the USA
Microporous Breathability
What is Corrode-Blok™ Technology?

Corrode-Blok™ is a revolutionary technology developed by Budge Industries, LLC to actively protect all metal parts from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. Our patent pending material is embedded with a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. This active protection travels from your cover and creates a microscopic barrier on any metal component. The inhibitory evaporates upon removing the cover and reactivates each time it is installed and provides corrosion resistance for up to four years!

Why is Budge partnered with Rust-Oleum?

Budge, the original car cover company, has manufactured premium protective covers for 70 years and Rust-Oleum® is the number one brand for protection from corrosion since 1921! We have combined our shared expertise to bring this new, exciting and innovative material technology to the protective cover markets!

165 Years of Combined Expertise
Rust-Oleum® Quality

Home of trusted quality and powerful solutions since 1921

Rust-Oleum® has spent the last century manufacturing and selling high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance, repair and improvement applications. The company was founded back in 1921 when sea captain Robert Fergusson discovered that an accidental splash of fish oil had deterred the spread of corrosions on his metal deck. Today, Rust-Oleum® has grown into a globally recognized brand that customers look to for protective solutions to everyday problems.

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